Producers of Quality Turfgrasses

A superior turfgrass product supported by a real commitment to customer service has brought Pike Creek Turf from a small 100 acre turfgrass farm in 1989 to one of the leading turfgrass producers and installers in the southeastern U.S. Now with over 1800 acres in turfgrass production, Pike Creek Turf has developed a strong reputation with golf course architects, developers, superintendents and contractors for the quality of our products, installation and dedicated customer service. All our turfgrass production is on land planed, sandy loam soils, irrigated with center pivot systems for "state of the art" efficiency. Our committment to maintaining varietal purity in our turfgrass production is unequalled in the industry.

Welcome to Pike Creek Turf

Pike Creek Turf produces fumigated Georgia Certified Tifway, TifSport, TifEagle, TifDwarf, TifGrand, MiniVerde, Celebration bermudagrasses, Meyer Zoysia, Zorro Zoysia, Sea Isle 1, Sea Isle 2000, Sea Isle Supreme, SeaDwarf, and Platinum TE paspalums, and Centipede sod and seed.

We are the largest producer in the southeastern United States of fumigated, Georgia Certified Turfgrasses.

Pike Creek Turf offers golf course and athletic field sprigging, sod and sod installation (slabs or big rolls,) and rowplanting.

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